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GutterScrew enables you to replace old popping gutter spikes once and for all. Here's how: Super sized threads! They are wider than gutter spikes, so they fill old worn spike holes tightly. No water gets into your house! Unmatched holding power – this heavy-duty fastener gives huge holding power even in old spike holes.

The design features of this FastenMaster product include:

  • Oversized thread diameter tightly fills the existing spike hole for better holding strength and a watertight fit
  • #3 square drive virtually eliminates cam-out during hard-to-reach installations
  • Durable UV resistant white and brown head paint matches most gutter systems
  • Thick galvanized base coating guaranteed not to rust or react with aluminum
  • Free driver bit included
  • American made
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Fastener Lengths:7"
Color:Brown, White
Packaging Size:10 pc clamshell, 25 pc box

For existing gutters installed using spikes, first remove the existing spike and ferrule. With a standard drill install the GutterScrew and ferrule using the #3 square drive bit provided. For new gutter installations, pre-drill a 1/4" hole with spacing as recommended by the gutter manufacturer. Then install the new gutter screw and ferrule as instructed above. Note that the 7" FastenMasterGutter Screw is recommended for use with 5" standard residential gutter systems.

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