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The ThruLOK system combines the speed of a LOK product with the strength of a through-bolted connection in three decking applications: Single 2x to 4x Decking Posts (6 1⁄4"), Notched 6x Carrying Beams (7") and Double 2x to Single 4x Decking Posts (8").

ThruLOK is a three-part assembly including a ThruLOK fastener featuring the patent-pending Paddle Point™, engineered washer, and LOK-Nut. Other features include:

  • No predrilling required
  • Installs with an 18 volt cordless drill
  • No drill bits or wrenches required
  • Galvanized coating meets IRC ACQ corrosion requirement
  • Lifetime performance guarantee

ThruLOK is a code-compliant way to attach deck posts and to secure carrying beams. View our technical bulletins in the Code Approvals section.

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Fastener Lengths:6 1/4", 7", 8"
Packaging Size:6 pc box, 24 pc box

Put the ThruLOK-Washer on the ThruLOK screw with the teeth of the washer facing away from the head of the fastener. No predrilling required when properly installed. Using a 1⁄2" high torque variable speed drill (18V if cordless), drive the ThruLOK until washer and hex head are just above the wood surface (approx 1⁄4") and point of screw protrudes out other side of connection. Thread the ThruLOK-Nut onto point of fastener. Hand tighten nut until flush with wood. Tighten screw with drill. Repeat to match code-compliant fastening pattern.

NOTE: Point of fastener must engage in ThruLok-Nut to “MIN” line or beyond.

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