An Outdated Facebook Page is Worse Than No Facebook Page

by Janet Blake, FastenMaster Communications

An outdated Facebook page is the online equivalent of driving to a brick and mortar business only to find an abandoned building with the windows boarded up. Hello?  Is anyone there?

At some point you decided to create a Facebook page for your business but now it's been months, maybe years since you've updated it. It's just sitting out there in cyber space like an old abandoned building.

Here are my responses to commonly expressed reasons from pro contractors for not updating their Facebook page:

I don't have enough time!

Start slowly. Post once a month, then work towards once a week.  Or try posting according to the projects you are working on. Show a pre-construction image, an in-progress image and finally the completed project. Make it a ritual (like your morning cup of coffee) not a chore (like taking out the garbage!)

I'm not a professional photographer.

You definitely need professional quality images on your website. For Facebook however, your smartphone will do the trick (all you have to do is stand still!) It takes about 10 seconds to forward images to your Facebook page.

I'm not sure what to say.

You really don't need to say much. A picture ALWAYS speaks louder than words. Post an image of what you're working on with a short comment, i.e. “This is what we're working on today! What do you think?”

My customers don't use Facebook.

Really? What about potential new customers? 97% of consumers research local businesses online and that includes Facebook. There are currently 1.44 billion active Facebook users.

I don't have enough “Likes” to justify spending my time on Facebook.

Building up a following takes time. Make a point of telling your customers that you'll be posting images of their project for the world to see. Chances are the homeowners will love seeing images of their project online and in turn comment and share with their friends and family (potential new customers!)

I'd rather have my customers visit my website.

Of course! The goal is to always direct traffic to your website (that's why Facebook gives you the ability to include your link.) Just remember Facebook allows you to interact with customers in a personal way that can not be achieved through your website.

So it's decision-making time. Are you ready to commit to reviving your Facebook page? If yes, great! “Like” us so that we can see what incredible new projects you are working on!

If you're considering creating a Facebook page for your business, visit this link to learn how.

May 21, 2015 by Janet Blake (comments: 0)

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