Creating a Facebook Page for Pro Contractors

by Janet Blake, FastenMaster Communications Manager

tl_files/fastenmaster/blog/How to Create a Facebook Page image.jpgSo, you're ready to promote your business online but not quite ready for the investment of time and money in developing your own website? There is no substitute for a well-designed site (see our Blog topic, Why Pro Contractors Need a Pro Website), but Facebook may offer an immediate solution for you to promote your business online. In this article, I will describe the benefits of having a Facebook business page and how to create one (it's not as simple as it looks).

Why have a Facebook page?

85% of potential customers research businesses online. Through search engines (i.e. Google), they will most likely find an online directory that lists your business name and phone number (i.e. The information displayed on these sites is far from comprehensive. A Facebook page is free and you have complete control over the content. Even better, your Facebook page will show up in Google search results.

Is Facebook Failing?

There is a lot of buzz about Facebook and how it is losing influence in the social media world. While the Facebook community is not growing as quickly as in the past, it still has over one billion users. The main concern of businesses that market on Facebook is that organic reach for content is declining. Translated, this means that if you do not purchase ad space on Facebook, only 5-16% of your followers will see your posts.

If your goal is to create an online presence to bring in new customers, don't worry. You do not need to purchase advertising to create an effective Facebook business page.

What a Facebook business page is good for:

  • Describing your services
  • Presenting a portfolio of your work
  • Displaying contact information
  • Displaying customer testimonials and endorsements (‚Äúlikes‚Äù)

Facebook is a Commitment

When you create a Facebook page for your business, you must commit to posting regularly , at least twice a month. If someone arrives on your page only to find it has not been updated in two years, they will be less likely to contact you.

What to Post

Post pictures of works in progress as well as completed projects. Show the stages of your projects from breaking ground to the finished product. Talk about the homeowner needs and how you accomplished. Talk about a unique construction challenge and how you resolved. Brag about any awards you have received.

Most mobile devices take excellent quality images that you can easily upload to Facebook. Keep in mind though, you want them to be in-focus and for finished projects, clear of items like ladders, trash, tools, etc.

“Likes” and Testimonials

Encourage satisfied customers to “like” you and post a glowing testimonial on your Facebook page. This online word-of-mouth will impress potential new customers.

Ready to Promote Your Business on Facebook?

Click here to download a step by step description of how to set up a Facebook business page.

May 22, 2014 by Janet Blake (comments: 0)

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