Terry Helton

Helton Construction, Indianapolis, IN

I chose this Pride in Craftsmanship entry because we've never shown a dock project before. Also because right about now, the majority of us wish we were somewhere warm, relaxing by the water!

This entry comes from Terry Helton of Helton Construction:

"We used composite decking and TrapEase 3 on this project. We love the screw and the lid template that came with each box. We used around 3500 screws and it looked like we chalked a line to put the screws in. We would highly recommend these screws as there is no mushrooming as with other screws that we have used. Keep up the good work!"

Wow! 3,500 screws? Great to hear TrapEase 3 worked out well for this project, Terry.

February 6, 2015

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