TC-1 Softwood Hidden Deck Fastener

The Tiger Claw TC-1 clip system has been designed to hide fasteners in softwood decking boards such as pressure treated, cedar, or redwood decking.


Tiger Claw TC-1 Hidden Fastener for Softwood Decking

Learn how to install Tiger Claw TC-1S Hidden Fastening Clip for softwood decking.

Approved for use in ACQ

TC-1 is made of hardened carbon steel for outstanding corrosion resistance and is approved for use in ACQ and chemically treated lumber for long-term performance.


  • Simple three-step installation process results in a safe, secure, fastener-free decking surface
  • Clip drives flush to the decking, allowing boards to dry and shrink naturally, creating a consistent gapped look
  • Reduces wood splitting, wood rot and board cupping. Comes with 15-year warranty
  • Looking for a stainless-steel option? Check out TC-2.

For a completely fastener-free surface, when possible use with our Cortex System for stairs, first, last and perimeter boards.