TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw

TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw has been designed to outperform standard deck screws in softwood decking such as pressure treated, cedar and redwood in these key areas:

Ultimate Strip-Out Resistance
The Torx TTAP™ drive system offers unmatched stick-fit and wobble-free installation, virtually eliminating fastener stripping during installation or removal. A standard Torx 25 bit will also drive the fastener.

Ultimate Anti-Splitting Resistance
The ThruPOINT™ bores pilot hole during installation, eliminating the wedging effect and splitting caused by standard deck screws.

Ultimate Corrosion Resistance
TRIO’s proprietary coating system delivers 2x better corrosion resistance in salt spray testing than standard deck screws and is UV resistant to eliminate fading over time.  This coating also exceeds the performance of code-required ASTM A-153 galvanized fasteners. 

TRIO Spotter™ Installation Guide*
Much more than a lid, it is a tool engineered to increase fastener installation speed and accuracy.

*Available for the 350 pc bucket only

TRIO is backed by a lifetime guarantee for the life of the decking project. If you are ever unhappy with the performance of TRIO, contact FastenMaster for a full reimbursement.


TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw for Softwoods

The TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw features a Torx® ttap® drive system, an anti-splitting point and corrosion resistance for use in softwoods. 

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TRIO SKU Selection Guide
2 1/2" 75 pc box 20 sq ft FMTRD212-75
350 pc box 100 sq ft FMTRD212-350
1,050 pc bucket 300 sq ft FMTRD212-1050
3" 75 pc box 20 sq ft FMTRD003-75
350 pc box 100 sq ft FMTRD003-350
1,050 pc bucket 300 sq ft FMTRD003-1050
TRIO #25 TORX® ttap® Driver Bits (2 PK) FMTTAPT25BIT-2PK
*Coverage based on 16" o.c. joist spacing 100 sq ft

Installation Instructions

  • Use a 0-1800 RPM variable speed corded drill, 18V cordless drill, or impact drill
  • Install fastener in a continuous drive until head is flush
  • Install two screws at every joist

The TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw has been designed for three softwood decking applications:

Deck Surface at 90° to joists

  1. Position legs of spotter guide to straddle joist
  2. Push guide flat to deck board surface
  3. Drive TRIO screws through holes marked 90°

Note: Guide legs act as deck board spacer

Deck Surface at 45° to joists

  1. Position notch on spotter guide legs to sides of joist
  2. Push guide flat to deck board surface
  3. Drive TRIO screws through holes marked 45°

Railing balusters

  1. Set first baluster in place at center point of rail
  2. Drive TRIO screws into both top and bottom
  3. Position spotter guide legs against edge of baluster
  4. Position next baluster in place, using guide legs on opposite edge of guide for code-compliant baluster spacing
  5. Using edge of lid as guide, draw a pencil line to show center of baluster
  6. Install TRIO screws at top and bottom of baluster

Complete installation instructions included in every box.

Refer to decking manufacturer's installation instructions before installing FastenMaster TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw.

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