TC-4 Hardwood & Ipé Hidden Deck Fastener

The Tiger Claw TC-4 stainless steel clip system has been specifically designed to hide fasteners in 3/4" or 5/4” x 4” hardwood decking. TC-4 is made of 304 grade hardened stainless steel and is approved for use in saltwater applications and ACQ or chemically treated lumber for long-term performance.

Design features include:

  • Simple three-step installation process results in a safe, secure, fastener-free decking surface
  • Spacer tabs on the clip automatically gap the decking 1/8” for a consistent look
  • Reduces wood splitting, wood rot and board cupping. Comes with a 25 year warranty
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TC-4 SKU Selection Guide
90 pc box (35 sq ft) F-4534-T490
1,400 pc bucket (540 sq ft) F1135-TC4B

For detailed installation instructions, please download the PDF document shown below.

Tiger Claw Drive-In Instructions

Instructions for installing TC-1, TC-2, TC-3, TC-4 and ProClip

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