About Us

FastenMaster is PRO Driven.

Our ultimate goal is to help the PRO contractor strengthen his or her business.  We believe that delivering on this promise creates lasting value for our customers while also strengthening the FastenMaster brand.   

From developing new products to innovating new building practices, the voice of the PRO contractor remains our guiding force.  We strive to continuously deepen our understanding of the PRO's business processes and product needs.  This understanding enables us to offer products that reduce installed cost, increase structural integrity and reflect the pride in craftsmanship shared by FastenMaster PROs everywhere.

We remain committed to our partnerships with leading building materials distributors and dealers nationwide.  These partnerships are a key part of achieving our goals.

FastenMaster is an American company.

FastenMaster is a division of OMG, Inc. headquartered in Agawam, Massachusetts. Our company was founded in 1981.