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Frequently Asked Questions

At Fas­ten­Mas­ter our #1 pri­or­i­ty is help­ing our PROs not only accom­plish their projects, but also improve their busi­ness­es. Use this FAQ for answers from our world-class tech­ni­cal and sales sup­port teams.


Visit our Where to Buy page and enter your zip code to find a list of verified FastenMaster dealers in your area. If there isn't a dealers near you, you can visit one of our national retailers or contact us directly.

A list of available part numbers for each product is available on the respective product page.

FastenMaster products must be purchased through an approved dealer. Visit our where to buy page to find a dealer near you.

FlatLOK – TORX® ttap® #40

HeadLOK – SpiderDrive®

VersaLOK – TORX® ttap® #40

LedgerLOK Flat Head – TORX® ttap® #40

MVP – TORX® ttap® #25

GuardDog – TORX® ttap® #25

Cortex – TORX® ttap® #20

TrapEase – TORX® ttap® #20

FrameFAST – TORX® ttap® #25

All fasteners are also compatible with traditional TORX® bits.

Bits can be found at your local FastenMaster dealer. Find a dealer near you.


To remove a Cortex plug we recommend using a trim screw. Drive the screw through the plug until it bottoms out when it reaches the head of the Cortex screw. Then wiggle the plug out.

Collated Cortex now comes in stainless steel for additional corrosion resistance. Part numbers can be found at here.

Replacement plugs can be found at select FastenMaster retailers. Contact your local rep for help finding where to buy near you!

Structural Fastening

Proper spacing information based on you application and local code requirements can be found in each product's technical bulletin.

Spider Drive bits used on HeadLOK screws can be found at your local home center or most lumberyards that stock FastenMaster products. Additionally, each box of HeadLOK comes with a free Spider Drive bit.

All FastenMaster LOK Line of screws are approved for use in chemically treated wood with waterborne alkaline copper quaternary, type D (ACQ-D). The only exception is our FlatLOK Structural Wood fastener, which is designed for interior use only. Please call 800-518-3569 or email if you have any questions.

FastenMaster screws are not recommended for use in trees. As a tree grows, tension is put on the screw causing a risk of threads pulling out or the head pulling through the lumber.

Framing Systems

PAMFast cannot be removed from the original drill to be put onto another drill.

Every box of PAMFast fasteners comes with a drive bit. Additional PAMFast bits can be ordered through your FastenMaster retailer.

FrameFAST is code compliant in all 50 states. You can see engineer stamped certifications here.

For assistance please call 1-800-518-3569 or email

FrameFAST Tools and Installation heads are covered by a 3-year limited warranty. You can see more warranty information here.