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Multipurpose structural deck screws

The Versatility of Multipurpose Screws: Uses and Benefits

HeadLOK® structural deck screws

Flathead Wood Screws: Choosing the Right Fasteners

LedgerLOK: Deck Ledger Board Screws

Understanding Long Wood Screws: Uses and Lengths

Cortex Deck

Choosing Colored Deck Screws: Tips and Options

LedgerLOK: Deck Ledger Board Screws

Hex Head Wood Screws: Sizes, Types, Uses, and Modern Options

Cortex Collated Deck Install Plugs

Best Hidden Deck Fasteners: Top Picks and Tips


Top Screws for Interior Framing: Expert Guide

a wooden deck supported by structural deck screws

Unlocking the Power of Structural Deck Screws

Embarking on a decking project requires a careful selection of materials and tools to ensure safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal. We explore the critical role of structural deck screws by emphasizing how they stand apart from other options.

a composite deck by a beach with deck fascia screws

Mastering Deck Fascia Screws for Composite Decking


The Challenges of Refurbishing a Deck

Featuring Brendan Casey from Casey Fence & Deck