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News From The FastenMasters

A pergola is attatched to a pool house. There is a table and chairs under the pergola.

How To Choose the Best Screws for Your Pergola

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How To Fasten PVC Trim Correctly

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What Is the Best Screw for My Wood Deck?

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The Best Deck Screws for Pressure-Treated Wood

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When to Use Nails vs. Screws

A home’s outdoor deck design with two chairs and potted plants decorating the space. A neighbor’s home can be seen in the background.

Pros and Cons of Hidden Deck Fasteners


What Screws Should Pros Use for Concrete Board?

A man in an orange t-shirt over a dark long-sleeved shirt, hat with sunglasses, and khakis is talking to a guy in jeans and a dark grey long-sleeved shirt. They are crouched down near a deck in the process of being built.

How To Create a Beautiful Deck Without Visible Screws