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FrameFAST is a better way to make critical connections along the continuous load path. One screw, one tool, and three interchangeable heads replace a variety of clips, straps, and ties used to transfer forces from one framing member to the next.


Installation Tool
Structural Fastening System
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The FrameFAST System

Faster & More Consistent Installs

Patented delivery system ensures correct installation angle and offset every time, while installing 5x faster than traditional connectors.

Three Interchangeable Heads

Three interchangeable heads ensure accurate installation angle, precise offset, and optimized thread engagement.

Increased Jobsite Safety

Allowing the worker to stand safely on the floor, FrameFAST eliminates the need for ladders, pneumatic nailers, and other safety hazards.

Installation Frame FAST Truss to Top Plate

Compatible with the FrameFAST Screw!


Part Numbers

FrameFAST ToolsSKU
Corded MilwaukeeFMFFTOOL-T2TP
Cordless MilwaukeeFMFFTOOL-T2TP-MILC
FrameFAST Installation HeadsSKU
Stud to Plate HeadFMFFHEAD-S2P
Plate to Rim HeadFMFFHEAD-P2R
Truss to Top Plate HeadFMFFHEAD-T2TP


The 6” FrameFAST Screw, FrameFAST Tools and installation heads are protected by one or more of the following patents:

U.S. Patent Nos. 9,452,514, 9,969,068, 10,018,215, 10,124,470, 10,406,659, 10,603,768; Canadian Patent No. 2,903,804; 中国发明专利 ZL201480016191.9; U.S., Canadian, European, Japanese Patents pending; 中国发明专利 2018800395337 专利申请, 尚未授权