AutoFeed System
Automated Fastener Installation
PAMFast AutoFeed Screw System: More Screws & No Jamming
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From framing, to decking, to remodeling, the PAMFast AutoFeed Screw System drives screws everywhere you do. PAMFast is engineered to be smooth, fast, and easy for the professional contractor.

No Jams

PAMFast's Smooth Advancement Technology ensures a clean, smooth drive while eliminating jams, rejections and other issues common on similar tools.

40% More Screws Per Belt

PAMMax Fastener Belts hold up to 40% more fasteners for more time driving screws and less time reloading.

Whole Home Fastening Solution

As a 2 in 1 interchangeable length tool, the removable extension pole enables easy long-to-short conversion for a variety of fastening needs. Fasten subfloor and decking while standing comfortably, or convert to a short tool to fasten drywall, roof tiles, and more.

PV105861 0b2eb4c9d459f3a504c26aa454f036cd

PAMFast Autofeed Screw System

FastenMaster PAMFast How to Shorten to Handheld Version

Part Numbers

PAMFast Tool SKUCompatible MotorPower TypeMotor Included?
SD-20-DWC13KUEDeWALT DCF622BCordlessYes
SD-20-MAC13KUEMakita XSF04ZCordlessYes
SD-20-P13KUEMilwaukee 6740-20CordedYes
SD-20-DWC13KITDeWalt DCF622BCordlessNo
SD-20-MAC13KITMakita XSF04ZCordlessNo