GuardDog® Exterior Wood Screw - Lumber, Cedar & Redwood Fastener
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Guard Dog Family
GD 25 TORX 2ct

GuardDog® is a versatile exterior wood screw used for a variety of applications including pressure treated decking, railings, deck framing and more.


Exterior Wood Screw
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TORX® ttap® Drive System

TORX® ttap® Drive System delivers stick fit, wobble free installation.

Fast Start, Clean Finish

Sharp Type 17 Point grips the wood for a fast start, while cutting nibs under the head deliver a clean finished look.

Guaranteed Corrosion Resistance

Fully tested, fully guaranteed in pressure treated lumber, cedar, redwood, and chemically treated lumber for the life of the project.

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Part Numbers

1 5/8"75 pc box20 sq ftFMGD158-75
350 pc box100 sq ftFMGD158-350
1,750 pc bucket500 sq ftFMGD158-1750
2"75 pc box20 sq ftFMGD002-75
350 pc box100 sq ftFMGD002-350
1,750 pc bucket500 sq ftFMGD002-1750
2 1/2"75 pc box20 sq ftFMGD212-75
350 pc box100 sq ftFMGD212-350
1,750 pc bucket500 sq ftFMGD212-1750
3"75 pc box20 sq ftFMGD003-75
350 pc box100 sq ftFMGD003-350
1,750 pc bucket500 sq ftFMGD003-1750
3 1/2"75 pc box20 sq ftFMGD312-75
350 pc box100 sq ftFMGD312-350
1,350 pc bucket350 sq ftFMGD312-1350
GuardDog TORX ttap Bit2 bits-FMGDTTAPT25-2PK