Collated Cortex for Decking

Cortex Hidden Fastening System
Enhance Set Plug SM
Enhance Set Screw SM
Cortex Spotter Lid Top view SM
Standard Install Profile SM
Cantiliver profile install SM
Trex Select Saddle A
Up close Wolf Set Collated Plug
Cortex Deck bit and fasteners
Trex Enhance Packaging 1 with lid

The Cortex Hidden Fastening System is the best way to hide fasteners in composite, capstock, and PVC decking boards – now 50% faster on a collated strip.

For use with the brands:
  • AZEK
  • Trex
  • WOLF
  • TimberTech

Collated Strips Save Time

Remove the need to fumble with buckets of loose plugs and get plugs set 50% faster with collated strips.

Pre-Aligned Plug Grains

Pre-aligning the plugs make getting a perfect match faster without slowing down.

Perfect Match, Clean Finish

Cortex plugs are made from the same material as market-leading deck boards, creating a 100% perfect match every time.

Cortex Spotter Lid Top view SM
  • Amberwood
  • Beach Dune
    Beach Dune
  • Biscayne
  • Black Walnut
    Black Walnut
  • Brownstone
  • Clam Shell
    Clam Shell
  • Coastal Bluff
    Coastal Bluff
  • Coastline
  • Cypress
  • Dark Hickory
    Dark Hickory
  • Driftwood Grey
    Driftwood Grey
  • English Walnut
    English Walnut
  • Fire Pit
    Fire Pit
  • Foggy Wharf
    Foggy Wharf
  • Gravel Path
    Gravel Path
  • Harbor Grey
    Harbor Grey
  • Havana Gold
    Havana Gold
  • Island Mist
    Island Mist
  • Lava Rock
    Lava Rock
  • Madeira
  • Mahogany
  • Onyx
  • Pebble
  • Rainer
  • Rocky Harbor
    Rocky Harbor
  • Rope Swing
    Rope Swing
  • Rosewood
  • Saddle
  • Saddle
  • Sand Castle
    Sand Castle
  • Silver Teak
    Silver Teak
  • Slate Gray
    Slate Gray
  • Spiced Rum
    Spiced Rum
  • Teakwood
  • Tiki Torch
    Tiki Torch
  • Toasted Sand
    Toasted Sand
  • Tree House
    Tree House
  • Vintage Lantern
    Vintage Lantern
  • Weathered IPE
    Weathered IPE
  • Weathered Teak
    Weathered Teak
  • Winchester Grey
    Winchester Grey
  • Woodland Brown
    Woodland Brown


Since Cortex Plugs are made from the exact same material as the composite boards, the color and texture is matched perfectly every time.

Compatible with AZEK, Trex, TimberTech, and WOLF brand deck boards.

Cortex Plugs are now compatible with Trex Enhance composite deck boards.

Product Brochures

Part Numbers

AZEKHarvestBrownstoneCarbon Steel100 lin ftCTC100SFBS
AZEKHarvestBrownstoneCarbon Steel300 sq ftCTC300SFBS
AZEKHarvestBrownstoneStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMGSS100SFBS
AZEKHarvestKonaStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMGSS100SFKO
AZEKHarvestSlate GrayCarbon Steel100 lin ftCTC100SFSG
AZEKHarvestSlate GrayCarbon Steel300 sq ftCTC300SFSG
AZEKHarvestSlate GrayStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMGSS100SFSG
AZEKLandmarkAmerican WalnutStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMGSS100SFAW
AZEKLandmarkCastle GateStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMGSS100SFCG
AZEKLandmarkFrench White OakStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMGSS100SFFW
AZEKMaxMax CoastlineStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMMG100SFCS
AZEKMaxMax Slate GrayStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMMG100SFSG
AZEKVintageCoastlineCarbon Steel100 lin ftCTC100SFCS
AZEKVintageCoastlineCarbon Steel300 sq ftCTC300SFCS
AZEKVintageCoastlineStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMGSS100SFCS
AZEKVintageCypressCarbon Steel100 lin ftCTC100SFCY
AZEKVintageCypressCarbon Steel300 sq ftCTC300SFCY
AZEKVintageDark HickoryCarbon Steel100 lin ftCTC100SFDH
AZEKVintageDark HickoryCarbon Steel300 sq ftCTC300SFDH
AZEKVintageDark HickoryStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMGSS100SFDH
AZEKVintageEnglish WalnutCarbon Steel100 lin ftCTC100SFEW
AZEKVintageEnglish WalnutCarbon Steel300 sq ftCTC300SFEW
AZEKVintageEnglish WalnutStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMGSS100SFEW
AZEKVintageMahoganyCarbon Steel100 lin ftCTC100SFMH
AZEKVintageMahoganyCarbon Steel300 sq ftCTC300SFMH
AZEKVintageMahoganyStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMGSS100SFMH
AZEKVintageWeathered TeakCarbon Steel100 lin ftCTC100SFWT
AZEKVintageWeathered TeakCarbon Steel300 sq ftCTC300SFWT
AZEKVintageWeathered TeakStainless Steel100 sq ftCTCMGSS100SFWT
TimberTechEdge PrimeDark TeakStainless Steel100 lin ftCTXMGSS100EDT
TimberTechEdge PrimeMaritime GrayStainless Steel100 lin ftCTXMGSS100EMG
TimberTechLegacyAshwoodStainless Steel100 lin ftCTXMGSS100LCAW
TimberTechLegacyEspressoStainless Steel100 lin ftCTXMGSS100LCE
TimberTechLegacyMochaStainless Steel100 lin ftCTXMGSS100LCM
TimberTechLegacyPecanStainless Steel100 lin ftCTXMGSS100LCP
TimberTechLegacyTigerwoodStainless Steel100 lin ftCTXMGSS100LCTW
TimberTechLegacyWhitewash CedarStainless Steel100 lin ftCTXMGSS100LCWC
TimberTechReserveAntique LeatherStainless Steel100 lin ftCTXMGSS100RCAL
TimberTechReserveDark RoastStainless Steel100 lin ftCTXMGSS100RCDR
TimberTechReserveDriftwoodStainless Steel100 lin ftCTXMGSS100RCDW
TrexEnhanceBeach DuneCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFENBD
TrexEnhanceBeach DuneCarbon Steel300 sq dtFMCTXCL-TX300ENBD
TrexEnhanceClam ShellCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFENCS
TrexEnhanceClam ShellCarbon Steel300 sq dtFMCTXCL-TX300ENCS
TrexEnhanceCoastal BluffCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFENCB
TrexEnhanceCoastal BluffCarbon Steel300 sq dtFMCTXCL-TX300ENCB
TrexEnhanceFoggy WharfCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFENFW
TrexEnhanceFoggy WharfCarbon Steel300 sq dtFMCTXCL-TX300ENFW
TrexEnhanceRocky HarborCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFENRH
TrexEnhanceRocky HarborCarbon Steel300 sq dtFMCTXCL-TX300ENRH
TrexEnhanceSaddleCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFENSD
TrexEnhanceSaddleCarbon Steel300 sq dtFMCTXCL-TX300ENSD
TrexEnhanceToasted SandCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFENTS
TrexEnhanceToasted SandCarbon Steel300 sq dtFMCTXCL-TX300ENTS
TrexSelectMadeiraCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFSLMD
TrexSelectMadeiraCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300SLMD
TrexSelectMadeiraStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LSLMDSS
TrexSelectPebbleCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFSLPB
TrexSelectPebbleCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300SLPB
TrexSelectPebbleStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LSLPBSS
TrexSelectSaddleCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFSLSD
TrexSelectSaddleCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300SLSD
TrexSelectSaddleStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LSLSDSS
TrexSelectWinchester GrayCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFSLWG
TrexSelectWinchester GrayCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300SLWG
TrexSelectWinchester GreyStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LSLWGSS
TrexSelectWoodland BrownCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFSLWB
TrexSelectWoodland BrownCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300SLWB
TrexSelectWoodland BrownStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LSLWBSS
TrexTranscendBiscayneCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSBC
TrexTranscendBiscayneCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300TSBC
TrexTranscendFire PitCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSFP
TrexTranscendFire PitCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300TSFP
TrexTranscendGravel PathCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSGP
TrexTranscendGravel PathCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300TSGP
TrexTranscendGravel PathStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LTSGPSS
TrexTranscendHavana GoldCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSHG
TrexTranscendHavana GoldCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300TSHG
TrexTranscendHavana GoldStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LTSHGSS
TrexTranscendIsland MistCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSLM
TrexTranscendIsland MistCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300TSLM
TrexTranscendIsland MistStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LTSLMSS
TrexTranscendLava RockCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSLR
TrexTranscendLava RockCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300TSLR
TrexTranscendLava RockStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LTSLRSS
TrexTranscendRainerCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSRN
TrexTranscendRainerCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSRN
TrexTranscendRope SwingCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSRS
TrexTranscendRope SwingCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300TSRS
TrexTranscendRope SwingStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LTSRSSS
TrexTranscendSpiced RumCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSSR
TrexTranscendSpiced RumCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300TSSR
TrexTranscendSpiced RumStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LTSSRSS
TrexTranscendTiki TorchCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSTT
TrexTranscendTiki TorchCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300TSTT
TrexTranscendTiki TorchStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LTSTTSS
TrexTranscendTree HouseCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSTH
TrexTranscendTree HouseCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300TSTH
TrexTranscendVintage LanternCarbon Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LFTSVL
TrexTranscendVintage LanternCarbon Steel300 sq ftFMCTXCL-TX300TSVL
TrexTranscendVintage LanternStainless Steel100 lin ftFMCTXCL-TX1LTSVLSS
WOLFSerenityAmberwoodStainless Steel100 sq ftWFCTXCL-100AWSS
WOLFSerenityAmberwoodStainless Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300AWSS
WOLFSerenityBlack WalnutStainless Steel100 sq ftWFCTXCL-100BWSS
WOLFSerenityBlack WalnutStainless Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300BWSS
WOLFSerenityCypressStainless Steel100 sq ftWFCTXCL-100CYSS
WOLFSerenityCypressStainless Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300CYSS
WOLFSerenityDriftwood GreyCarbon Steel100 lin ftWFCTXCL-100DG
WOLFSerenityDriftwood GreyStainless Steel100 lin ftWFCTXCL-100DGSS
WOLFSerenityDriftwood GreyCarbon Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300DG
WOLFSerenityDriftwood GreyStainless Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300DGSS
WOLFSerenityHarbor GreyCarbon Steel100 lin ftWFCTXCL-100HG
WOLFSerenityHarbor GreyStainless Steel100 lin ftWFCTXCL-100HGSS
WOLFSerenityHarbor GreyCarbon Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300HG
WOLFSerenityHarbor GreyStainless Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300HGSS
WOLFSerenityOnyxStainless Steel100 lin ftWFCTXCL-100NXSS
WOLFSerenityOnyxStainless Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300NXSS
WOLFSerenityRosewoodStainless Steel100 sq ftWFCTXCL-100RWSS
WOLFSerenityRosewoodStainless Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300RWSS
WOLFSerenitySand CastleCarbon Steel100 lin ftWFCTXCL-100SC
WOLFSerenitySand CastleStainless Steel100 lin ftWFCTXCL-100SCSS
WOLFSerenitySand CastleCarbon Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300SC
WOLFSerenitySand CastleStainless Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300SCSS
WOLFSerenitySilver TeakStainless Steel100 sq ftWFCTXCL-100STSS
WOLFSerenitySilver TeakStainless Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300STSS
WOLFSerenityTeakwoodStainless Steel100 sq ftWFCTXCL-100TWSS
WOLFSerenityTeakwoodStainless Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300TWSS
WOLFSerenityWeathered IPECarbon Steel100 lin ftWFCTXCL-100WP
WOLFSerenityWeathered IPEStainless Steel100 lin ftWFCTXCL-100WPSS
WOLFSerenityWeathered IPECarbon Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300WP
WOLFSerenityWeathered IPEStainless Steel300 sq ftWFCTXCL-300WPSS