NLB Connector (NLB)

For Non-Load Bearing Wall to Truss Connections
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The FastenMaster Non-Load Bearing Connector (NLB) is engineered to allow a framer to make a non-load bearing connection faster and safer.

Faster Installations

Connections can be made up to 10x faster, significantly reducing labor.

Safer Installations

Replacing clips and nails means no pneumatic nail gun or hoses, and installation from the floor surface eliminates the need for ladders or scaffolding.

Cost Effective Installations

Eliminating the need for double top plates on non-load bearing walls provides meaningful material savings on the overall project.

NLB postion 1 270bf663

Evaluation Reports

  • NLB Non-Load Bearing Connector Technical Evaluation Report - 1907-08

Product Brochures

Structural Detail Drawings

  • NLB Connector - Non-Load Bearing Wall - Detail NLB01 (PDF)
  • NLB Connector - Non-Load Bearing Wall - Detail NLB01 (DWG)

Technical Bulletins / Installation Guides

Part Numbers

NLB Connector (50 pack)FMNLB006-50