Structural Wood Screw
Timberlok Truss & Rafter to Top Plate Structural Wood Screws
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TimberLOK delivers strong, code-compliant truss and rafter connections in seconds.

No Pre-Drilling Required

Installs in a fraction of the time versus traditional lag bolts with fewer steps and less effort. Its sharp point and aggressive threads zip right into the densest woods.

ACQ Approved & Code Compliant

Tested and supported by engineering data that conforms to the most current ICC standards. It is also approved for use in ACQ or treated lumber.

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TimberLOK Structural Fastener

FastenMaster TimberLOK Rafter/Truss to Top Plate Installation Guide

FastenMaster TimberLOK vs. Hurricane Ties

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Structural Detail Drawings

  • TimberLOK - Truss or Rafter to Plate - Detail TL01 (PDF)
  • TimberLOK - Truss or Rafter to Plate -Detail TL01 (DWG)

Part Numbers

2 1/2"  Doubling/sistering up 2x header
or carrying beams
Single FastenerFMTLOK212-INDY
12 pc clamshellFMTLOK212-12
50 pc boxFMTLOK212-50
500 pc bucketFMTLOK212-500
4"Attaching 2x to 4x structures -
Single FastenerFMTLOK04-INDY
12 pc clamshellFMTLOK04-12
50 pc boxFMTLOK04-50
250 pc bucketFMTLOK04-250
6"Replacing hurricane ties on rafters
or trusses. Joining multiple 4x
Single FastenerFMTLOK06-INDY
12 pc clamshellFMTLOK06-12
50 pc boxFMTLOK06-50
250 pc bucketFMTLOK06-250
8"Building up 6x landscape wallsSingle FastenerFMTLOK08-INDY
12 pc clamshellFMTLOK08-12
50 pc boxFMTLOK08-50
250 pc bucketFMTLOK08-250
10" Post and Beam constructionSingle FastenerFMTLOK10-INDY
12 pc clamshellFMTLOK10-12
50 pc box FMTLOK10-50
250 pc boxFMTLOK10-250