ThruLOK® Structural deck screws connecting multiple wood supports

FastenMaster ThruLOK Through-Bolt Replacement

In the past, if you want­ed to firm­ly con­nect two wood pieces, such as mul­ti-ply beams or deck posts, you need­ed to use a through bolt. Through bolts have been the go-to stan­dard for decades, but, thanks to inno­va­tions in design, engi­neer­ing, and tech­nol­o­gy, there are now oth­er options. 

The Thru­LOK sys­tem, which com­bines the strength of a through bolt with the effi­cien­cy of a LOK fas­ten­er, can be used to attach struc­tur­al com­po­nents while still com­ply­ing with build­ing codes. 

The Previous Process: Through Bolts

Pre­vi­ous­ly, if you were installing a car­riage bolt or through bolt, you had to pre-drill a hole and install the through bolt with wash­ers and a nut. Often, the bolt need­ed to be ham­mered through the hole, and a sock­et or wrench set was need­ed to tight­en the connection. 

While this cre­at­ed a strong grip between the con­nect­ed boards, posts, beams, and what­ev­er else was being fas­tened, the process was time-con­sum­ing and had numer­ous steps that required a vari­ety of tools. Not only would you need a drill with the prop­er bit, you would also need a ham­mer and a sock­et set to firm­ly place the bolt. 

The ThruLOK: A Solution to Time-Consuming Through Bolts

Thru­LOK screws per­form all of these steps with less time, less effort, and few­er tools. It’s a mul­ti-use fas­ten­er that can replace through bolts and car­riage bolts for many applications. 

The Thru­LOK sys­tem con­sists of three parts: the screw, the wash­er, and the nut. 

  1. Screw: The screw fea­tures a hex-head that cre­ates a strong grip while dri­ving the screw into wood. At the end of the screw, there is a spe­cial pad­dle-point that clears a path for the screw in even the tough­est wood.

  2. Wash­er: A gal­va­nized wash­er helps to even­ly dis­trib­ute the load and keeps the screw from dig­ging into the wood. 

  3. Nut: The Thru­LOK nut, which is placed oppo­site the hex head and wash­er, has spe­cial­ly-designed teeth to grip the wood and hold firm. It also has wings that allow an installer to screw the nut down with­out the need for a wrench or socket.

This prod­uct is avail­able in var­i­ous sizes rang­ing from 6.25 inch­es to 9.5 inch­es. Here are the gen­er­al uses for each size:

  • 6.25”: Best for con­nect­ing 4×4 posts to 2x joists

  • 7.0”: Best for con­nect­ing two 2x beams to a notched 6×6 post

  • 8.0”: Used for con­nect­ing a 4×4 post to a dou­ble-rim joist or a sin­gle-rim joist and 2x blocking 

  • 9.5”: Ide­al for attach­ing a 6×6 post with two 2x beams

These fas­ten­ers meet code require­ments for treat­ed wood and are approved by the ACQ.

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