Timberlok Installation Guide for Perfect Fastener Application

Tim­ber­LOK screws are an effi­cient, strong, reli­able alter­na­tive to hur­ri­cane clips, which are the tra­di­tion­al tool for attach­ing truss­es and rafters to top plates. By elim­i­nat­ing the need for mul­ti­ple nails, Tim­ber­LOK fas­ten­ers can pro­vide a firm grip in less time, all while meet­ing metic­u­lous build­ing codes and standards. 

Timberlok Truss & Rafter to Top Plate Structural Wood Screws

Instal­la­tion of Tim­ber­LOK screws requires pre­ci­sion and atten­tion. The screw needs to be dri­ven at just the right angle for effec­tive long-term per­for­mance and to pro­vide the right grip between the truss and the top plate. 

As we’ll demon­strate, instal­la­tion is easy thanks to the Tim­ber­LOK instal­la­tion guide!

Using the Timberlok Installation Guide

To help with instal­la­tion, Fas­ten­Mas­ter offers the instal­la­tion guide, a sim­ple tool that fits with the top plate to make sure the screw is dri­ven at the prop­er angle. Using the instal­la­tion guide is easy, but to under­stand the ben­e­fits of the guide, it helps to step back and look at the Tim­ber­LOK struc­tur­al wood screw.

About TimberLOK


Tim­ber­LOK is a long screw that dri­ves through the top plate and into the truss or rafter. It deliv­ers a strong, code-com­pli­ant con­nec­tion in mere sec­onds. These screws install in a frac­tion of the time com­pared to oth­er clips and bolts. It has a sharp point at the tip of the screw, with aggres­sive thread­ing that digs quick­ly into the wood. It can eas­i­ly han­dle the tough­est, dens­est wood on any job site. 

Tim­ber­LOK is cur­rent­ly avail­able in 2−1÷2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10” screws. The 2−1÷2” option can be used to dou­ble 2x head­ers or car­ry­ing beams, while the 4” Tim­ber­LOK is typ­i­cal­ly used for attach­ing 2x and 4X struc­tures. The 6” option typ­i­cal­ly replaces hur­ri­cane ties on rafters and trusses.

The larg­er options can be used for many dif­fer­ent appli­ca­tions, but are typ­i­cal­ly used for land­scap­ing walls (8” screws) and post or beam con­struc­tion (10” screws). 

Installing TimberLOK with the Installation Guide

To install Tim­ber­LOK screws on a truss to top plate con­nec­tion, sim­ply place the 6” Tim­ber­LOK into the mag­net­ic chan­nel, which holds the screw firm­ly in place. The screw should be placed so the tip is at or just inside the end of the chan­nel. (The tip should not be pro­trud­ing, but the back of the screw will stick out.) 

Now, align the guide with the edge of the rafter or truss so that the screw is direct­ly under the roof mate­r­i­al. Take your drill and dri­ve the screw for­ward. Dri­ve the screw about an inch to ensure it’s enter­ing at the right angle, then remove the guide. Now fin­ish dri­ving the screw until it digs into the rafter or truss and pulls the mate­r­i­al together. 

Fas­ten­Mas­ter offers a FREE Tim­ber­LOK instal­la­tion guide. To have your guide sent out, vis­it Fas​ten​Mas​ter​.com or give us a call at 800−518−3569.

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