FastenMaster Introduces Collated Cortex for Trex Enhance

FastenMaster has expanded its popular Cortex hidden fastening line with seven new colors of pre-aligned, Collated Cortex Plugs for the Trex Enhance decking system, which rounds out the line of Cortex Plugs for all Trex decking options.

Fas­ten­Mas­ter, a divi­sion of OMG Inc., has expand­ed its pop­u­lar Cor­tex hid­den fas­ten­ing line with sev­en new col­ors of pre-aligned, Col­lat­ed Cor­tex Plugs for the Trex Enhance deck­ing sys­tem, which rounds out the line of Cor­tex Plugs for all Trex deck­ing options.

When com­pared with loose plug instal­la­tion, time stud­ies have demon­strat­ed sav­ings of up to 50% with pre-aligned and col­lat­ed Cor­tex Plugs, help­ing installers save valu­able time on the jobsite. 

Cor­tex Plugs are made from the same com­pos­ite mate­r­i­al as the deck to cre­ate a 100% per­fect col­or and tex­ture match and comes with a war­ran­ty for the life of the project. The new line of col­lat­ed Cor­tex Plugs the Trex Enhance sys­tem includes the most pop­u­lar sys­tem col­ors includ­ing, Fog­gy Wharf, Toast­ed Sand, Coastal Bluff, Rocky Har­bor, Beach Dune, Clamshell and Saddle. 

Each pack­age includes enough fas­ten­ers and plugs to install 100 LF of Trex Enhance – assum­ing two fas­ten­ers installed 16-inch­es on cen­ter — along with two set­ting tools. In addi­tion, fas­ten­ers and plugs are pack­aged in weath­er tight plas­tic tubs for easy mate­r­i­al han­dling and stor­age, and each pack­age includes FastenMaster’s exclu­sive Spot­ter® Lid guide specif­i­cal­ly designed for prop­er Trex Enhance board instal­la­tion on joists and rim supports. 

Our Cor­tex Sys­tem is the lead­ing plug-based hid­den fas­ten­ing sys­tem on the mar­ket, and the best way to hide fas­ten­ers in com­pos­ite, cap-stock, and PVC deck­ing boards,” said (name), (title) for Fas­ten­Mas­ter. We are very pleased to be expand­ing the line to accom­mo­date the Trex Enhance Sys­tem and know from the PROs we have talked with that it will be high­ly successful.” 

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