HeadLOK for Attaching Exterior Rigid Foam

by Tim Irwin, FastenMaster LOK Line Product Manager

Winter has arrived! In the northeast, we have gotten 10+ inches of snow and last week it was minus 25 degrees F in northern Wisconsin! This begs the question, what type of insulation are you using for an exterior wall and how are you attaching it?

While everyone understands the importance of insulation in building a new house or remodeling, the various types and ways to install insulation are still unclear.

Recent changes in the Energy Code have also resulted in the increased use of rigid insulation over exterior walls. Although the foam can be adhered to the exterior face of the structure using adhesive, attaching the finish materials (cladding or siding) requires a furring strip to be placed over the rigid insulation.


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Did you know that our HeadLOK Heavy Duty Flathead fastener is ideal for this application? It has been tested and approved for use in the attachment of rigid foam and furring strips to the exterior walls of a house.

JLC Magazine cites HeadLOK (November 2013 issue) as the "fastener of choice for securing thick foam." It is available in lengths from 2-7/8" to 18 inches".

To download technical documentation for attaching rigid foam using HeadLOK, please click here.

December 27, 2013 by Janet Blake (comments: 0)

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