The Cortex Hidden Fastener Solution for Trex Fascia

Is there a hid­den fas­ten­ing sys­tem for attach­ing fas­cia board to the rim of a deck? 

With the Cor­tex Hid­den Fas­ten­er for Trex fas­cia and oth­er fas­cia mate­ri­als, the answer is, yes.”

Trex Fascia and FastenMaster’s Cortex Hidden Fastener 

Cortex Hidden Fastening System for Decking

While cre­at­ing an ele­gant look, the wood and fas­cia will expand and con­tract dif­fer­ent­ly. Con­nect­ing wood and syn­thet­ic mate­ri­als cre­ates unique fas­ten­ing chal­lenges that require more than a sim­ple screw to hold the fas­cia in place. 

With this in mind, Fas­ten­Mas­ter has cre­at­ed a Cor­tex sys­tem, which allows for this dif­fer­ence in move­ment. The fin­ished appli­ca­tion is near­ly invis­i­ble, while the fas­cia can hold tight and avoid shear­ing the screws or warp­ing the fas­cia board. 

The Cortex Hidden Fastener system comes with four components:

  1. A coun­ter­bor­ing drill bit

  2. A set­ting drill bit

  3. Cor­tex fas­cia screws

  4. Cor­tex fas­cia plugs

(A pack­age for 50 lin­eal feet includes 100 screws and 105 plugs, as well as the coun­ter­bor­ing and set­ting bits.) 

Start­ing with the coun­ter­bor­ing bit, deck builders first bore an over­sized pilot hole for the screw and the Cor­tex plug. The coun­ter­bor­ing bit has a stop­per that ensures the pilot hole is made to the per­fect height. 

Once the pilot hole is ready, a fas­cia screw is firm­ly secured using the set­ting bit, which dri­ves the screw down to the per­fect depth. Final­ly, a plug is insert­ed and gen­tly tapped into place. The plug is made from the same mate­r­i­al as the Trex fas­cia boards, and over four dozen col­ors are avail­able to ensure the per­fect match. 

To firm­ly secure a fas­cia board, we rec­om­mend three fas­ten­ers every 18 inch­es on cen­ter for 12” fas­cia boards, and 2 fas­ten­ers every 18 inch­es for 8” fas­cia boards. This will ensure a firm, long-last­ing con­nec­tion while cre­at­ing the flex­i­bil­i­ty that shift­ing fas­cia board requires. For fur­ther details on installing these Trex fas­cia fas­ten­ers, see our instal­la­tion guide.

See the Cortex Hidden Fastener Page for a List of Available Colors

The Cor­tex Hid­den Fas­ten­er Sys­tem from Fas­ten­Mas­ter pro­vides a secure, long-last­ing, visu­al­ly attrac­tive method for attach­ing deck fas­cia. Whether cre­at­ing a deck for your own prop­er­ty or a client’s home, with this use­ful instal­la­tion kit, deck builders have every­thing they need for a top-qual­i­ty appearance.

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