GutterScrew Replacement Gutter Screw

GutterScrew enables you to replace old popping gutter spikes once and for all. Here's how – super-sized threads! Wider than gutter spikes, they fill old worn spike holes tightly. This heavy-duty fastener gives unmatched holding power even in old spike holes.

Design features include:

  • Oversized thread diameter for better holding strength and watertight fit
  • #3 square drive virtually eliminates cam-out during hard-to-reach installations
  • Durable UV resistant white and brown head paint matches most gutter systems
  • Thick galvanized base coating guaranteed not to rust or react with aluminum
  • Free driver bit included
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  • Installation
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GutterScrew SKU Selection Guide
Brown 10 pc clamshell FMGUT007-10BR
25 pc box FMGUT007-25BR
White 10 pc clamshell FMGUT007-10W
25 pc box FMGUT007-25W

For existing gutters installed using spikes, first remove the existing spike and ferrule. With a standard drill install the GutterScrew and ferrule using the #3 square drive bit provided. For new gutter installations, pre-drill a 1/4" hole with spacing as recommended by the gutter manufacturer, then install the new gutter screw and ferrule as instructed above. 

Note: 7" FastenMasterGutter Screw is recommended for use with 5" standard residential gutter systems.

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