Tiger Claw Installation Gun For Grooved Decking
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Tiger Claw Gun copy
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The Tiger Claw Installation Gun is a semi-automatic installation tool that greatly increases the installation speed of TC-G clips.

Tiger Claw Installation Gun

For Grooved Decking
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Speed of a Pneumatic Gun

Tiger Claw fires a screw nail (scrail) through the clip into the joist – fastening the deck board to the joist in one step. On average, this installation gun will install about 400 sq ft of decking in an hour.

Perfect Clip Alignment & Attachment

The tool features a unique nose piece that holds clips in the correct position every time, making the system easy to use for all levels of experience.

Wide Ranging Compatibility

For use with ConnectClip for Clubhouse Decking, KleerKlip for Kleer Decking, Tiger Claw TC-G, TimberTech CONCEALoc and more.

Tiger Claw Gun copy

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Part Numbers

Installation GunF-5899-IGUN


Tiger Claw Scrail SKU Selection Guide
Collated Pneumatic ScrewsF-5906-GNSC
Stainless Steel ScrailF-6557-SSPS