FrameFAST Structural Framing System

Frame BETTER. Frame SAFER. Frame FASTER.


FrameFAST: Changing the Way Framers Frame

FrameFAST is changing the way framers frame with one screw, one tool and three interchangeable heads that ensure accurate installation angle, precise offset, and optimized thread engagement every time.

Securing the "Continuous Load Path" with the FrameFAST System

What's a "continuous load path" and why is it important to the structural stability of your building, especially during wind and seismic events?

FrameFAST Structural Framing System – FastenMaster

1 Screw, 1 Tool, 3 Interchangeable Heads – Now framers make critical connections Faster, Safer, and Easier than ever!

FrameFAST Project Comparison Series: Colt Builders

Colt Builders Corp had the opportunity to compare the FrameFAST Structural Framing System to traditional hurricane ties at their Marshfield job site, finding a significant improvement in time and safety.

The FrameFAST Structural Framing System by FastenMaster is designed to drive jobsite productivity. FrameFAST is a better way to make critical connections along the continuous load path. One screw, one tool, and three interchangeable heads replace a variety of clips, straps, and ties used to transfer forces from one framing member to the next.


Benefits of FrameFAST

  • Installs 5x faster than traditional connectors
  • The 6" FrameFAST screw replaces commonly used framing clips, straps, and ties
  • 3 Interchangeable heads accommodate a variety of structural connections
  • Patented delivery system ensures correct installation angle and offset every time
  • Eliminates ladders, nail guns and hoses
  • Code compliant across USA and Canada
  • CORDLESS power options by Milwaukee and DeWalt make it easy to choose the FrameFAST tool that’s right for your crew


Three interchangeable heads ensure accurate installation angle, precise offset, and optimized thread engagement. Allowing the worker to stand safely on the floor, FrameFAST eliminates the need for ladders, pneumatic nailers, and other safety hazards. Critical connections are made 5x faster and provide greater uplift and lateral load capacity.

Truss to Top Plate Head

The FrameFAST Truss to Top Plate Head (FMFFHEAD-T2TP) is specifically designed for the connection between the truss and the top plate of the wall.

Stud to Plate Head

The FrameFAST Stud to Top Plate Head (FMFFHEAD-S2P) is designed for the connection between the wall stud and the wall's top and bottom plates.

Plate to Rim Head

The FrameFAST Plate to Rim Head (FMFFHEAD-P2R) is designed to install the FrameFAST screw either upwards through the top plate and into the rim above, or downwards through the bottom plate and into the rim below.