GuardDog Exterior Wood Screw

GuardDog is a versatile exterior wood screw designed with the PRO in mind.

GuardDog is a versatile exterior wood screw used for a variety of applications including pressure treated decking, railings, stair stringers, deck frame blocking, dimensional headers, pergolas and more. Fully tested, fully guaranteed in pressure treated lumber, cedar, redwood, and chemically treated lumber for the life of the project.

Design features include:

  • Nibs under the head deliver a clean finished look
  • Sharp Type 17 Point for quick installation
  • Guaranteed Corrosion resistance for the life of the project (ACQ Approved)
  • UV Resistant to fading or chalking
  • TORX® ttap® Drive System delivers stick fit, wobble free installation

Available fastener lengths and pack quantities:

  • 1-5/8”,  2”,  2-1/2”,  3”,  3-1/2”
  • 75, 350, 1750 packs
  • 1,350 for 3-1/2” buckets