GuardDog Exterior Wood Screw

GuardDog is a versatile exterior wood screw used for a variety of applications including pressure treated decking, railings, stair stringers, deck frame blocking, dimensional headers, pergolas and more. The PoziSquare™ Drive eliminates strip-out. Fully tested, fully guaranteed in pressure treated lumber, cedar, redwood, and chemically treated lumber.

Design features include:

  • Versatile head style can be used with the PoziSquare Drive, #2 square drive, and Phillips drive
  • Guaranteed corrosion resistance
  • UV Resistant to fading or chalking
  • Sharp threads quickly penetrate lumber
  • Free PoziSquare driver bit included
  • Sku Selections
  • Installation
  • Technical Docs
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GuardDog SKU Selection Guide    
1 5/8" 75 pc box 20 sq ft FMGD158-75
350 pc box 100 sq ft FMGD158-350
1,750 pc bucket 500 sq ft FMGD158-1750
2" 75 pc box 20 sq ft FMGD002-75
350 pc box 100 sq ft FMGD002-350
1,750 pc bucket 500 sq ft FMGD002-1750
2 1/2" 75 pc box 20 sq ft FMGD212-75
350 pc box 100 sq ft FMGD212-350
1,750 pc bucket 500 sq ft FMGD212-1750
3" 75 pc box 20 sq ft FMGD003-75
350 pc box 100 sq ft FMGD003-350
1,750 pc bucket 500 sq ft FMGD003-1750
3 1/2" 75 pc box 20 sq ft FMGD312-75
350 pc box 100 sq ft FMGD312-350
1,350 pc bucket 350 sq ft FMGD312-1350
Driver bit for GuardDog w/ PoziSquare drive (2 included) FMPOZ12BIT-2PK

Use a 0-1800 RPM variable speed drill (at least 14.4V if cordless). Use the PoziSquare driver bits provided. Install fastener perpendicular to deck, increasing drill speed as the screw threads into the deck. Slightly countersink. Do not overdrive. If cam-out occurs, remove and replace screw.

Warranty Information

GuardDog Warranty

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