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TimberLOK replaces 3/8" lag screws and enables you to complete wood-to-wood projects faster, easier and stronger. TimberLOK is approved in ACQ Pressure Treated Lumber. There is no need to predrill with TimberLOK, its sharp point and aggressive threads zip right in to the densest woods.

  • Unique tapered head countersinks easily into wood for flush appearance
  • Variety of lengths, from 2 1/2" to 10", to match every application
  • Free bit in every package

A 6" TimberLOK is a code-compliant way to attach rafters or trusses to a double top plate. View an application video in our Ask The FastenMaster Section or download our technical bulletins in the Code Approvals section.

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Fastener Lengths:2 1/2", 4", 6", 8", 10"
Packaging Size:12 pc clamshell, 50 pc box, 250 pc bucket, 500 pc bucket

TimberLOK should be installed using a high torque, 1⁄2" variable speed drill (18V if cordless). Choose the proper length so that threads fully engage the main member or bottom piece. Bring fastener head flush to wood surface or countersink head flush.

TimberLOK is not recommended for saltwater applications.

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