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The FastenMaster EVO Joist to Ledger Deck Framing Connector is a faster, easier, code-compliant method for attaching 2x8 or 2x10 pressure treated deck joists to a ledger board.


Joist to Ledger Connector
Frame Decks Faster!

Time Saving Design

Tabs align joist to ledger in seconds. Eliminates the need to tack joist in place.

Professional Exterior Grade

Made from a reinforced engineered polymer which is stronger than steel, as well as rust, temperature & UV resistant. Guaranteed to last for the life of the project.

Code Compliant

Adjustable connector is designed for attaching 2x8 or 2x10 joists to a ledger board.

EVO Bracket 0922

Part Numbers

QuantityCompatible Joist SizesSKU
16 Connectors2x8FMEVODJH810-16
1 Connector2x8FMEVODJH810-INDY