LedgerLOK Flat Head Structural Wood Screw

LedgerLOK Flat Head is a code-compliant structural wood screw engineered to fasten a deck ledger board to the rim joist of a house with no predrilling.


LedgerLOK Flat Head Structural Wood Screw

LedgerLOK Fasteners are designed specifically for attaching a deck ledger to the house. The LedgerLOK Flat Head Fastener comes in two lengths – the traditional 3 5/8" is for single ledgers, and the 5" version for double ledgers and thicker applications. The LedgerLOK Flat Head includes two new features versus the original hex head design: a wide washer head that can be driven flush to the ledger surface, and the TORX TTAP Drive System.

Lag and Through-Bolt Replacement

LedgerLOK replaces lag screws and through-bolts, has been coated with a proprietary three-step coating process that protects against corrosion (even in pressure treated wood) and is ACQ approved.


  • The built-in washer head eliminates the need for an additional washer, saving time and money.
  • The LedgerLOK Flat Head with TORX® ttap® drive system installs flush to the ledger installation saving additional time and money.

ACQ Approved

All LedgerLOKs are guaranteed not to rust or corrode for the life of the project. The fasteners have also been tested and approved for use in ACQ including contact treatment levels. LedgerLOKs are not recommended for saltwater applications.

Code Compliant Connection

LedgerLOK Flat Head is tested and supported by engineering data that conforms to the most current ICC standards. It is also approved for use in ACQ or treated lumber.

For technical documentation of all our structural wood screws, see our Technical Resources page.