TrapEase Fascia

Color Matched Fascia Fastener
TrapEase Fascia: Color Matched Fascia Board Fastener
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Trap Ease Facia Pre Drill SM 8b026b4b
Trap Ease Fascia Components c7e54200
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TrapEase Fascia has been designed to allow for fascia board expansion and contraction, delivering a long lasting, beautiful finished look.

For use with the brands:
  • Armadillo
  • AZEK
  • Cali Bamboo
  • ChoiceDek
  • Clubhouse
  • Deckorators
  • Duralife
  • Envision
  • Fiberon
  • Inteplast Group
  • Lumberock
  • Midwest Manufacturing
  • ModernView
  • MoistureShield
  • New Techwood
  • Rhino Deck
  • Sylvanix
  • TimberTech
  • Trex
  • TruNorthDeck
  • VekaDeck
  • Veranda
  • WOLF
  • Zuri

Surface Mounted Counterbore Tool

Drills a perfect pilot hole and recess to allow fastener head to sit flush when installed.

#20 TORX ® ttap ® Drive System

This system is strip-out resistant. In addition, the stability button allows for wobble-free installation, keeping the fastener straight through installation.

Trap Ease Fascia fastener

TrapEase Fascia

  • Beach Dune
    Beach Dune
  • Clamshell
  • Gravel Path
    Gravel Path
  • Havana Gold
    Havana Gold
  • Island Mist
    Island Mist
  • Lava Rock
    Lava Rock
  • Madeira
  • Pebble
  • Rope Swing
    Rope Swing
  • Saddle
  • Spiced Rum
    Spiced Rum
  • Tiki Torch
    Tiki Torch
  • Tree House
    Tree House
  • Vintage Lantern
    Vintage Lantern
  • White
  • Winchester Gray
    Winchester Gray
  • Woodland Brown
    Woodland Brown

Best in Class Color Match

Our head paint is UV and Fade resistant. TrapEase Fascia comes in 18 different colors, ensuring a perfect color match for your next project.

TrapEase Fascia is available in a 100 Lineal Foot kit complete with:

200 Color Matched 1 ¾” screws, 1 Counterbore Tool, and 1 Driver Bit.

Part Numbers

FMTRF‐1LFTT1 3/4"100 lin ftTiki Torch200
FMTRF‐1LFLR1 3/4"100 lin ftLava Rock200
FMTRF‐1LFVL1 3/4"100 lin ftVintage Lantern200
FMTRF‐1LFPB1 3/4"100 lin ftPebble200
FMTRF‐1LFRS1 3/4"100 lin ftRope Swing200
FMTRF‐1LFHG1 3/4"100 lin ftHavana Gold200
FMTRF‐1LFMD1 3/4"100 lin ftMadeira200
FMTRF‐1LFWG1 3/4"100 lin ftWinchester Gray200
FMTRF‐1LFWH1 3/4"100 lin ftWhite200
FMTRF‐1LFGP1 3/4"100 lin ftGravel Path200
FMTRF‐1LFLM1 3/4"100 lin ftIsland Mist200
FMTRF‐1LFSR1 3/4"100 lin ftSpiced Rum200
FMTRF‐1LFSD1 3/4"100 lin ftSaddle200
FMTRF‐1LFWB1 3/4"100 lin ftWoodland Brown200
FMTRF‐1LFCS1 3/4"100 lin ftClamshell200
FMTRF‐1LFBD1 3/4"100 lin ftBeach Dune200
FMTRF‐1TSTH1 3/4"100 lin ftTree House200