LOKLine - Meet Code Lower Costs

The FastenMaster LOK Line is a
collection of structural wood-to-wood
screws used by contractors
nationwide to meet code and lower cost.

Meet Code: Every structural connection
highlighted by FastenMaster has been
fully tested, reviewed by code
officials and supported by a technical
bulletin showing code compliance.

Lower Cost: LOK Fasteners require no
predrilling, which means installed cost
goes down while structural integrity goes up.

“Now that I use TimberLOKs for my truss to top plate connection, I will never use a hurricane clip again!”

Paul Hewjing

“I’ve been using TimberLOKs forever, this application makes sense and saves me time. I love it.”

-Michael J., Signature Build Homes, WI

“LedgerLOK saves me more than half the time that installing lags would take.”

-Harold W., Precision Patio and Deck, MD

“I’ll never use lags again. Period.”

-Mike R., Hearth Design, MD

“I’m using TimberLOKs on all of my Rafters.”

-Marvin F., Exterior Living Spaces, CA