HB220 Pro Repair Nozzle

For use with the HB220 Pro Adhesive Applicator


FLEX Hot Melt Construction Adhesive

FLEX is ideal for professional remodelers and floor installers looking for an adhesive system that provides strength, versatility and speed. It combines the strength of construction adhesives with the speed and flexibility of hot melt.

The Pro Repair Nozzle is a durable steel tip designed for the jobsite with an internal check valve to deliver a precise flow without drips.


  • Hardwood hollow spot filling*
  • Tight spaces standard nozzles can’t reach
  • Carpet bubble repair and more!

How to safely change your nozzle:

  • Always wear gloves
  • Allow HB220 to reach operating temperature
  • Hold glue gun with nozzle pointed up to avoid hot glue from spilling
  • Unscrew and remove nozzle
  • Insert new nozzle and screw until tight

*For hollow spot repair, a 7/64” drill bit is recommended