FLEX 180 Hot Melt Construction Adhesive

FLEX 180 combines the speed and elasticity of hot melt glue sticks with the strength and versatility of construction adhesives. It is ideal for a range of applications including hardwood floor start and finish rows, wood moldings and trim, hardwood stair nosings, hardwood hollow spot filling, and more. FLEX 180 offers 180 seconds of open (working) time, fast tack, and a full strength bond in 8 minutes or less.

  • Fast tack grabs materials within seconds of applying pressure
  • 180 seconds open (working) time
  • Full strength bond in 8 minutes or less
  • FLEX Technology allows expansion and contraction over time without compromising strength

Bonds to a wide variety of porous materials and some non-porous materials


FLEX Hot Melt Construction Adhesive

FLEX is ideal for professional remodelers and floor installers looking for an adhesive system that provides strength, versatility and speed. It combines the strength of construction adhesives with the speed and flexibility of hot melt.

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FLEX 180 SKU Selection Guide
Hardwood and molding Foam, concrete and other materials 18 sticks 90 lin ft FMFLEX180


  1. The HB220 tool temperature is preset. Turn it on, and allow 5 minutes for the tool to reach operating temperature.
  2. Once the HB220 tool is hot, load FLEX180 into the chamber. Simply pull the trigger to apply adhesive.

Store FLEX in a cool, dry area and away from direct sunlight. Wear safety glasses while operating heated glue gun and avoid skin contact with hot material.

ICC-ES Report, ESR 1078

The ICC-ES Evaluation Report demonstrates to the installer and code official that our LOK fasteners comply with the most current building codes. This report also provides the engineer with critical values needed to design safe installations. Reports from ICC-ES are the most recognized reports used by code officials across the U.S. This document can be shared with code officials, engineers, architects and specifiers who may have questions regarding proper use or code compliance of LOK fasteners.

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